Member Benefits

Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone offers access to the only U.S. government program specifically designed to cut the cost of doing business.
Our member companies enjoy unique benefits that include:

Reducing or Eliminating Costs

Cut your duty tariff payments on imported merchandise, potentially all the way down to zero percent.

Cap your spending on government mandated Merchandise Processing Fees to $30,000 per year.

Delaying Expenses

Hold onto your money longer by delaying duty payments until your imported merchandise leaves your factory or warehouse and enters the U.S. market.

Withhold payment on duties on merchandise that is rejected, scrapped, exported, or consumed within an FTZ.

Saving Time

Shorten your supply chains by bypassing the need for a customs entry before receiving your merchandise from a port of entry.

Start filing a consolidated weekly entry with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rather than reporting individual shipments.

There is no cost and no obligation to find out if the FTZ program is right for your company. Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone offers all businesses the opportunity to have our team analyze the savings you can expect to realize on an annual basis based on your specific business operations. It’s free, confidential, and easy to get started.

In addition, Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone offers its member companies exclusive additional benefits at no additional cost including access to the nation’s leading experts in FTZ procedures and compliance, trade attorneys, and to both the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ), the industry’s largest association, and the World Free Zone’s Organization, which advises free and special economic zones globally.

Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone is a partner you can trust. Many of our state’s largest and most iconic employers have worked with us for years, and so too have many small businesses. If you’re not sure the program is right for you, send us your questions. Our expert team will respond quickly and advise you of your options and the best way to move your business forward.

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