Georgia’s pharmaceutical industry helps to keep people healthy, and GFTZ is proud to work with Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

At its Georgia facility, the company uses imported ingredients to manufacture medications used throughout the United States. Doing so involves further processing the material, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. All along the way, their participation in the U.S. foreign-trade zone program reduces the cost of producing drugs through duty deferral and reduction benefits.

Pharmaceutical companies and businesses in other sectors can receive the merchandise they need as often as they need with surety in the cost of doing so and defer duty payments until their finished products enter into U.S. commerce. In addition, if the finished product entering into commerce carries a lower duty rate than the merchandise used in the manufacturing process, a company participating in the program may be able to reduce their duty payment to the lower rate.

Working with Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone also allows pharmaceutical companies to reduce cycle time through direct delivery. This process  reduces in-transit shipping times and allows the company to recover critical shipments, such as cold-chain and high-value shipments, expeditiously. Additionally, when goods are admitted to a foreign-trade zone site, the process to clear all required government agencies shifts to a later point in the supply chain.