Record Employment, Merchandise Values Underscore Growing Importance of FTZ’s to Georgia Businesses

The U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board has released its 2019 Annual Report to Congress.

According to the report, there were 193 FTZs active during the year, with a total of 348 active production operations. Over 460,000 persons were employed at some 3,300 firms to work in FTZs during the year. The figures also showed more than 11,000 people – a record high – were employed last year by a business that had accessed the U.S. foreign-trade zone program through Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone.

Only six foreign-trade zone grantees in the nation can claim a greater number of employees in their zones.

Additionally, Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone placed 20th in the nation in terms of the value of warehouse/distribution operations merchandise received and in exports. To learn more about how 3PL firms like Future Forwarding, Unipart, Agility, Expeditors International, NEMA and DHL support businesses with “general purpose” warehousing solutions through Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone, please click here.

To read the FTZ Board report in full, please click here.